Class 1 — January 19 (Friday)

  • Hand out syllabus
  • Fill out intro survey
  • Talk together as a class
  • Willis and Laurel introduce themselves and their work
  • Go over syllabus
  • UNIX
  • A History of the Internet

I will be in touch via email on Sunday, January 20th regarding your status in the class.

No class, but email — January 22 (Tuesday)

On this day, you will receive an email from me with information about HTML, and your first assignments.

Class 2 — January 28

Class 3 — February 4

Class 4 — February 11

  • CSS Animations & Transitions
  • Exercise 3. CSS Layout & Positioning due
  • Bohm Dialogue
  • Coding from Life
  • Go over important keyboard shortcuts
  • Introduce guests for semester

Class 5 —February 18

  • Guest: Christian Alborz Oldham
  • Look at: Exercise 3, updated class websites, Exercise 4
  • CSS Responsive
  • Exercise 4. CSS Animations & Transitions due

Class 6 —February 25

Next week, bring in a printed zine to show and tell with the class. Tell us what you like about it. What makes it a zine? If you don’t have a zine, ask one of the preliminary year graduate students in class for a recommendation or permission to show and tell one of theirs.

Class 7 — March 4

  • Exercise 6. JavaScript & jQuery due
  • Go over more JavaScript & jQuery
  • Zine show & tell
  • Talk about final project and second half of semester
  • In-class idea-generating "grocery list" exercise

To begin thinking about your individual class webzine for the final project, please prepare an approximately ten minute presentation on two things you are deeply passionate about. The two things should be as different from each other as possible. Also, we as a class shouldn't necessarily easily guess these two things based on what we know about you already. Like a phoenix, your webzine will be born from the ashes of this presentation...

... Spring Break ...

Class 8 — March 25

  • Everyone presents about "two things"
  • Look at publication methods
  • Collective: In-class brainstorm activity

Class 9 — April 1

  • Guest: Bill Wurtz
  • Individual: Meet in small groups. Show content and rough site sketch of your webzine in Dropbox Paper.
  • Collective: Decide together on concept and roles

Class 10 — April 8

  • Individual: Meet one-on-one with Laurel and Willis. Show edits to your content and sketch documents. Show several rough mockups in code. Start considering your audience and method of publishing.
  • Collective: Submissions due via Dropbox Paper

Class 11 — April 15

  • Individual: Full prototype in code. Rough drafts of any emails, social media posts, letters, etc. of your distribution methods .
  • Collective: Organization of submissions and site map activity

Class 12 — April 22

  • Individual: By this day, you have made your webzine public to a relevant audience. Come ready to class to show us the final version, along with documentation to best show and tell us how it went.
  • Collective: Volunteers design & code

Class 13 — April 29

  • Individual: Readings of webzines aloud in-class
  • Collective: By this day, we have published our collective webzine.
  • Celebrate with cake :)